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Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing is the latest buzz in the internet marketing industry. Social media marketing is an engagement with online communities to generate exposure, opportunity and sales. The number-one advantage is generating exposure for the business, followed by increasing traffic and building new business partnerships.
Some of the key factors of our Social Media Marketing package are:

*   Creating a blog for your business.
*   Publishing your news releases in the blogger world, creating a buzz about your product in the blogger world.
*   By creating Twitter/ Facebook / Myspace / Orkut profiles so that people can stay in touch with you.
*   Bookmarking your sites on social bookmarking sites.
*   Paid advertising on social networking sites like orkut,facebook,myspace,hi5 etc…
*   Taking care of all negative comments about you & your product on internet.
*   Creating videos & submitting them to popular sites like Youtube, Metacafe.
*   Social Media Marketing & SEM

SEM is the process of increasing number of targeted visitors to your website by means of paid search listings or organic seo.

Social Media is a process of converting the targeted visitors coming to your website in to your subscribers ( BLOG FEEDS) ,fans (Facebook Pals, Orkut Community members, Youtube videos) , Followers (twitter followers), Providing them some or the other way to stay updated about your product or website.it helps you to get introduced to new targeted customers through word of mouth publicity & viral marketing elements of social media marketing. Another advantage of social media is that you can influence the purchase decisions of your target audience, followers, subscriber by establishing your self as a brand in front of them. By showing that you as a brand do value your customer’s money, time & resources ,& you are always there to help your customers if they have any troubles with your products.

SEM & SMM go hand in hand, they are basically two sides of the internet marketing coin.

SEM will always help you in development of your social media strategies & SMM will always be helpful in your Search engine marketing strategies. SEM is basically dependent on PPC & Back Links. So when you start combining your Social media tactics with your SEM tactics, you start gaining backlinks by creating a buzz about your product in the user community, Also when you are running SEM campaigns you can start converting your visitors in to FANS/SUBSCRIBERS/FOLLOWERS. & once your visitors become your follower you are bound to get the unfair advantage of social media marketing elements word of mouth publicity & viral marketing).